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Noble Hoping New Recruits Can Raise Standard

Mark Noble is hoping that the new recruitments that have been made by West Ham United recently raise the standard of club’s game in the upcoming season.
As many as six transfer deals have already been secured by West Ham United this summer. The higher officials of the club have looked prepared to spend money for bolstering the squad as they are eager to end somewhere inside top 10 in the league table in 2014-15.
West Ham was at the 13th position in the table at the end of the league last season and it doesn’t appear to be that bad, but, the truth is that the Hammers were in danger of relegation for a large part of the season. It’s only because of some good performances put up by them towards the end that they managed to climb up a little bit and finish 4 places away from the relegation zone.
Generally, when you are a part of a team that is not having positive results, you don’t enjoy yourself as a player. You feel the heat all the time and Noble admitted that in his interview yesterday.
The central midfielder said, “Frankly speaking, the season was not enjoyable barring the last 3-4 weeks.”
“Last Three is never a good position to be in and we were in that position for a long period of time. Things eventually fell in place though, but, quite late. Thankfully, it was not too late.”
When asked if he thinks there might be some more new players coming to the Boleyn Ground this month, Noble said, “I think yes. Sam would like to have a few more guys in prior to the deadline.”
The Hammers’ first league match in the 2014-15 Season is a home game for them. It’s against Tottenham Hotspur on 16th of this month.