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Russia to Participate in the Sports Events

Russia is going to compete at Euro 2020 in spite of its ban from all kinds of sports events for four years. Recommendations have come from the compliance review committee of the agency of World Anti-Doping that Russia must also be banned from competing and also hosting any kind of major international sports events. However, declarations were also made that the Anti-Doping Agency of Russia to be non-compliant over other inconsistencies regarding the data about anti-doping. St Petersburg is also going to remain as the host city for the tournament held next summer.
If the ban is supported by the Wada Executive Committee and the Court of Arbitration at the Paris meeting on whether Russia should contest in tournaments or not, then the European Championship will not be included in it as it is not considered as one of the major event organizations regarding the rules on the breaches of anti-doping. If this stands, Russia will face problems to participate in the qualifier round for the Qatar World Cup 2022. The governing body of football, FIFA has stated that they will wait for the final considerations from the executive committee regarding the matter.
Russia will also be excluded from the Paralympics, both summer and winter games and Olympic in 2022 and 2020 respectively. Although, individual athletes representing the country will get clearance to participate in the competition if they are able to showcase that they are not involved in the non-compliance.
IOC or the International Olympic Committee has called for bringing out the toughest sanctions against those who are responsible for manipulating and influencing the derived test data. It has also described several attempts that have been made by people to hide the findings that were positive as abuse and offense to the sporting movement all over the world.