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Roma Has Several Star Players Being Eyed Upon By Others


Roma might not be in the same league has Juventus or Chelsea but it definitely has several star players and budding talents who are not unnoticed for their skills by star teams.

Sabatini is trying to put in his resignation from his position as sporting director of Roma team. However, President James Pallotta is trying to give him time to reconsider his decision. He feels that he might reconsider staying back in Roma if he is given time to think about it.

Besides trying to hold onto a sixty year old stalwart who has helped to reconstruct the team, there are other star talents of Roma who are not unnoticed as well. Radja Nainggolan is one of the talented midfielders of the team. He is being targeted by Chelsea’s next coach, Antonio Conte. However, Antonio might not have a smooth ride as Juventus has his eyes on this talented midfielder as well. There is good reason for Radja to be targeted as he has proven his skills as a midfielder, one of the finest in Europe after playing for Roma. Hence he is targeted for a transfer in the Series A teams. Juventus and Chelsea are likely contenders.

Antonio will be taking the helm of Chelsea soon and is considering paying the hefty price of 30 million Euros for the 27 year old and woo him to get out of the capital club. Nainggolan on the other hand, has referred to his reluctance to leave Roma right now. He thinks winning a trophy by playing for Roma would be more significant than winning 10 in a star studded club like Juventus. That could also be a reason that the star players in Roma get more attention than other club members.