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Roma match against Torino

As.Roma’s latest Serie A match was played against Torino on November 9 of the ongoing year and the team of Rudi Garcia blasted 3 goals past their opponents which was more than enough for As.Roma to secure all the points from this match and continue their march for the top spot of the Italian League, Serie A.

It was a convincing performance from the players of As.Roma with the team opening up the scoreboard as early as the 8th minute and not showing any real struggle or difficulty in their match against Torino.

VasilisTorosidis, Seydou Keita and AdemLjajic made their mark on the score- sheet as they scored all the goals for As.Roma of this match. However, even though As.Roma cruised to a simple and rather easy victory, there was an incident that occurred during the match that appeared to have caused frustration towards the captain of As.Roma, Francesco Totti.

Francesco Totti played in the match from the start of the game until the 71st minute as the captain was replaced by MattiaDestro but Totti seemed to be frustrated after being removed from the playing ground in the 2nd half.

As Francesco Totti was walking out of the pitch and heading his way into the bench of As.Roma for the last few minutes of the game, it was clear that Totti was not happy with Rudi Garcia’s of replacing the captain and introducing and this sparked a series of rumors suggesting that there is a problem going on in As.Roma with the captain of the club and the coach but Totti stepped it up and told the media that none of that is true.

Francesco Totti told the media: ‘’I’m not always happy to leave the pitch before the final whistle; the coach said the same thing. At that moment I wanted to top off my performance with a goal, but that’s secondary to the collective interests of the team. We are a group, and it’s only together that we can achieve the goals we set themselves."
The captain of As.Roma wanted to score a goal against Torino before being substituted but his goal never arrived and according to him that’s why he was frustrated of walking out of the pitch but he denied any rumors suggesting that there is a problem going on involving him and the coach Rudi Garcia.