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Roma Vote Support For Glasgow Side Saint Anthony Is On Non-League Day

Glasgow's younger side Saint Anthony will be lucky to attract 100 brave souls on a cold, rainy afternoon. But the West Region League Two side added the support of Serie A virgins Roma for their 3-1 win over Johnstone Burgh in McKenna Park on Saturday. To mark Britain's Non-League Day, the club's English-language Twitter account announced that they were "supporting the mighty Saint Anthony's FC".

Hashtags "Mon the Ants", "It's an ant thing" and "Forza the Ants" was added. During the international break, the campaign in the league encourages fans of senior clubs who do not play to go together and support a non-league side.

And the influence of the Italian greats had a clear influence on Ants striker Grant Kelly, “who continued to score a hat-trick for the Glasgow side in their league games. “A Roma spokesman explained: "The Roma Twitter account has recently received a lot of good publicity and has become a bit of cool stuff in the form of soccer clubs on social media.”This week with the players away at international level, we have tried to spread the love a little by introducing our supporters to clubs, which may not have as many followers like us." St Anthony's “media director Martin McKenna “ told BBC Scotland that the Roma tweet came out of the blue.

He admitted "it's a bit confusing" but "welcome publication" for a family club rescued by the financial problems of his grandfather Felix in the 1950s and for which his father, Felix Jr., is the club secretary. "The first thing I knew about it was when my wife woke me this morning to tell me about the tweet, and my phone has been in a smeltery state since," he said. "it’s gone wild and we now have 4,000 followers from around the world - 3,700 of them this morning." Rome's spokesman added: "What's more incredible than fans in Rome and Nigeria suddenly supports a team from Govan and tells everyone about it on social media?”Football can be incredible, sometimes and can bring people together.