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Schick Getting Back In Form

Eusebio Di Francesco, boss of the Roma football team, has urged Patrik Schick not to stop after the striker has scored a goal, his first this season in the game against Sampdoria.

Schick had lost form some time back and suffered injuries which prevented him from showing peak performance when Roma team shelled out €42m to sign him in for the club. Czech netted out in the game between Giallorossi and Sampdoria which resulted in a 4-1 victory for the former. As a result of this performance, Roma has been chosen for Serie A as well as for Champions League.

At the ceremony in at Coverciano Di Francesco stated that the team was growing and Roma had a bright future ahead. However some more points are needed but for that, gaps that exist need to be closed. For instance, Juve currently is busy with their own campaigns and Napoli is managing to stay in pursuit. Cristante has grown and adapted to the role of a midfielder who is lying deeper and has shown his willingness to sacrifice a more potent role in the field.

“Schick’s performance has been stepping up and it needs to be better. Given his physical condition“, he needs to be better and train to be able to perform better in the field. The breakthrough that he achieved with the goal was great but more is expected out of him “for the Champions League“ semi-final match. It is not easy to repeat but there needs to be effort put in for improving every day.

Roma has several good competitors to work against. Juventus and Italy are competitors who would put up a good fight in the group stage. However, it remains to be seen how the future games work out and how the team performs on the field.